MVP – Maximize Valuable Potential

That is our mantra for guiding students within the program. MVP is an initiative to make readily available the resources located within a young person’s community. We search the business sector for mentors able to shepherd students and show them how to apply their passions to their career initiatives. [More info]

“I’m Up Next…”

Young women can be leaders. Young women can be determined and diligent. Young women can be more than what the world dictates them to be. All they need is a picture of what their dreams look like, a guiding force in their world of possibilities. In the “I’m up Next…” program, we develop strong female mentors for young women. We look to established women who have journeyed through life­­—women who have endured trials of career climbing, social ventures, motherhood, marriage, and entrepreneurship. Women who are willing to be transparent with young girls striving towards leadership roles.

In this program, we delve into various career fields—even ones where women may not be prevalent—and shed that otherwise exclusive wisdom, perseverance, and strength upon our young protégés. This program serves as a chance to provide young women the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field—a chance to gain insight as to what their own purpose may be in life.

“I’m up Next…” is a yearlong lesson plan to prepare aspiring women to be next in line. It is a yearlong career development and leadership crash course that will last a lifetime.

SOOUL 2 SOUL Podcast Series

Where is your voice? In troubling times, we are often drawn to this question. It is something we search for introspectively, communally, and throughout society when we are trying to express how we feel in difficult situations or raise awareness to our plight in life. For the youth, they often cannot find their voice because they do not harness a medium where it can be heard.

With the Sooul II Soul podcast series, we aim to give young people an opportunity to voice their opinions and perspectives on a variety of topics that relate to their lives and surroundings. In this format, we venture through the life of middle and high school students to discuss the peaks and valleys they endure while trying to grow into responsible adults. We travel with them through their communities, schools, and home lives. Our family at SOOUL seeks to encourage and support their soul as they speak to ours.


“Miracle workers, promise keepers, lights in the darkness…that is who you are” This is the tagline for our WAYmakers program. Young men constantly search for reflections of themselves within immediate role models touching their lives: fathers, uncles, teachers, coaches, or other male guardian figures. Whether this relationship is positive or negative, they will mirror the identity of these men within themselves. This is why in so many homes, schools, and neighborhoods where men are absent, gangs and negative cliques become popular due to their attraction of a “family” dynamic.

WAYmakers is designed to give young men an atmosphere of encouragement. We use mentorships to show them different ways of grasping their dreams and goals. As leaders in life, they will be challenged to “make a way out of no way.” Whether that role is as a husband, father, business owner, coach, or employee, they will learn how to diagnose a problem and find a way to resolve it. They will learn to be a WAYmaker.