We are a faith-based organization that looks to connect all parts of the community through education and service. We develop programs and initiatives that fulfill the needs of the community and the people within.

Our goal is to bridge all students, young adults, and elders so they may connect and learn from each other’s experiences. Our goal is to build relationships that last, so neighborhoods may thrive and grow.

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At SOOUL, we look to develop holistic programming that bridges local communities to regional and global opportunities. Our intent is to grow strong relationships within families, businesses, and municipal entities in order to create a sustainable societal network. SOOUL provides youth consulting services which work alongside public school districts, colleges, and professional organizations to enhance leadership and career initiatives for young people and their families. We look to be a lighthouse for all those seeking guidance in a sometimes stormy trial of life.

We look to serve in whatever manner a community may need us to. We encourage, sustain, motivate, and push forward the people that cannot see a future beyond their immediate grasp.

We serve everyone that walks through the doors of SOOUL, so that they may become leaders in whatever role they wish to play in life. We urge young people to discover their purpose through education, career opportunities, and strong family ties.

A variety of programs will be introduced to maximize efficiency and impact. Focal points include 21st century skills, health, relationships, financial literacy, social service, and the arts.

Founder and President Kendrick Gholston has spoken at national conferences and college campuses on student-athlete programming, character development, domestic violence, relationships, and male behavior patterns. With over sixteen years’ experience in college athletics, secondary education, and several additional years in the NFL, he has gained extensive knowledge on these topics, as well as program development. If your organization or school is interested in bringing Mr. Gholston to your campus to consult or speak, please use the contact information below to connect with our foundation.